Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg


Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg

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  • Turkesterone supplements are generally derived from the Leuzea plant. It has sparked a lot of attention in the bodybuilding world since it can significantly increase your performance, gains, and body composition.
  • Benefits: Can aid in the enhancement of lean muscle tissue, body composition and muscle-to-fat ratio, memory performance, and physical endurance.
  • Turkesterone is largely used by sportsmen for its aesthetic and muscle-building properties.
  • Certifications: GMP Certified, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Natural Ingredients
  • Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day. For best result take with food or as directed by your healthcare professional (Ajuga Turkestanica Extract)
  • GUARANTEE: Our vegan humming Herbs dietary supplement is free of any harmful ingredients like gluten, GMO, dairy, soy, wheat, or any artificial flavor. All our supplements are 3rd party tested to ensure superfood quality

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turkesterone ajuga supplement


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Product Description Turkesterone Supplement

Humming Herbs Turkesterone Supplement Muscle Building -60 Capsule (8920mg) | Boost Muscle Growth, Memory Support

Humming Herbs Turkesterone Supplement Muscle Building Supplement is designed to elevate your muscle growth while providing valuable memory support. Derived from the Leuzea plant, this supplement delivers a powerful dose of Turkesterone, which is gaining popularity in the bodybuilding world for its performance-enhancing benefits. Our formula is specially crafted to help enhance lean muscle tissue, improve body composition, and maintain an ideal muscle-to-fat ratio. But it doesn’t stop at physical benefits; Turkesterone is also known for its positive effects on memory performance. We prioritize quality and safety. That’s why our product is GMP Certified, GMO Free, and Gluten Free. You can trust that it contains only natural ingredients. Incorporating Turkesterone into your routine is easy. Simply take 1-2 capsules daily as a dietary supplement, preferably with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Unlock the potential of Turkesterone with Humming Herbs and experience improved muscle growth, memory support, and physical endurance.

Item Form Capsule
Brand Humming Herbs
Age Range (Description) Adult
Diet Type Vegetarian
Material Feature Vegetarian

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The Power of Turkesterone Supplement:

Are you seeking a natural way to boost your fitness performance? Turkesterone supplements might just be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for! These supplements, derived from plants like Ajuga turkestanica, are gaining traction in the fitness community for their remarkable benefits.

Turkesterone, a type of ecdysteroid, acts as a plant hormone in certain species, exhibiting potential effects on human biology when consumed in supplement form. Its popularity is primarily due to its reported ability to support muscle growth, endurance, and recovery, making it a go-to choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The key to turkesterone’s effectiveness lies in its capacity to enhance protein synthesis. By promoting protein synthesis, it aids in muscle repair and growth, allowing individuals to recover faster from workouts and potentially achieve greater muscle gains.

Moreover, these supplements are lauded for their potential to increase stamina and endurance levels. Many users report feeling less fatigued during workouts, enabling them to push themselves further and achieve more significant results in their fitness journeys.

Turkesterone’s potential as an adaptogen is also worth noting. Adaptogens are substances that help the body adapt to stressors, and Turkesterone is believed to assist in this process. It may support the body in coping with physical stress from intense workouts, potentially reducing the impact of stress on the body.For those concerned about the source, Turkesterone supplements are typically derived from natural plant extracts, ensuring a more organic and potentially safer alternative compared to synthetic compounds.

When considering incorporating Turkesterone supplements into your fitness regimen, it’s crucial to prioritize quality.

Ingredient In Turkesterone Supplement

Supplement Fact In Turkesterone

Ajuga Turkestanica 20:1 Extract

(Equivalent to 10000 mg of Turkestanica Powder)

500 mg
Tongat Ali 10:1 Extract

(Equivalent to 500 mg Tongkat Ali Powder)

50 mg
Tribulus Terrestris 10:1 Extract

(Equivalent to 500 mg Tribulus Terrestris Powder)

50 mg
Horny Goat Weed 10:1 Extract(Epimedium Grandiflorum)

(Equivalent to 500 mg of Horny Goat Weed Powder)

50 mg
Korean Ginseng Extract (Panax ginseng)(root),

(standardized to 10% Ginsenosides)(ginsenoside 10 mg)

50 mg
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)(100%) 500 IU
Maca Root Powder 40 mg
Black Pepper Powder 10 mg
Other Ingredients:Vegetable Cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose,Vegetable Magnesium Stearate,Natural beta-carotene,L-ascorbic acid.

(1 extract serving Provides the equivalent of 11600 mg Raw Powder)


Benefits Of Turkesterone:

Turkesterone has shown promise in supporting metabolic health. Studies indicate that it may positively influence glucose metabolism and lipid profiles, offering potential benefits for overall metabolic well-being. Furthermore, Turkesterone is sometimes considered an adaptogen, believed to help the body adapt to stress and maintain balance in various physiological processes.Like Muscle Growth and Strength.

Ajuga Turkestanica:

At the heart of Turkesterone Supplement lies Ajuga Turkestanica, a flowering plant native to the Central Asian region. Renowned for its adaptogenic properties, Ajuga Turkestanica has been traditionally used to combat stress and promote vitality. As a key component of Turkesterone Supplement, it forms the foundation for its touted benefits, ranging from increased muscle mass to improved endurance.

Tongkat Ali: The Natural Energy Boost

Adding to the potency of Turkesterone is Tongkat Ali, a well-known herbal extract celebrated for its energy-boosting effects. As a synergistic partner in this supplement, Tongkat Ali contributes to the overall vitality enhancement, making Turkesterone a formidable choice for those seeking a natural performance boost.

Horny Goat Weed: Elevating Libido and Beyond

Turkesterone Supplement tackles qualities of vitality that go beyond the gym in addition to physical performance. This product, which contains a significant amount of Horny Goat Weed, is meant to promote physical health and libido. With Horny Goat Weed included, Turkesterone is a complete option for people who want to maximize many aspects of their health.

Maca Root: Balancing Hormones Naturally

Maca Root, another essential component of Turkesterone Supplement, brings a hormonal balance to the mix. Known for its adaptogenic properties, Maca Root aids in regulating hormones, promoting a sense of equilibrium in the body. This makes Turkesterone a holistic supplement, addressing not only physical performance but also the overall health of the endocrine system.

Black Pepper Powder: Enhancing Bioavailability

Any supplement must ensure that the body absorbs and uses the nutrients efficiently. Black pepper powder is added to Turkesterone Supplement to increase its bioavailability and improve the absorption of its essential ingredients. This well-considered addition highlights the dedication to optimizing the advantages for consumers.

Vitamins D3: Supporting Overall Health

Turkesterone Supplement recognizes the importance of overall health by including Vitamin D3. Beyond its role in bone health, Vitamin D3 supports the immune system and contributes to a general sense of well-being.


Turkesterone Supplement emerges as a comprehensive solution for those seeking to elevate their physical performance, support sensual health, balance hormones, and boost mental clarity. With a carefully curated blend of natural ingredients like Ajuga Turkestanica, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Black Pepper Powder, Korean Ginseng, and Vitamin D3, this supplement stands out in the crowded market of fitness enhancers.

Turkesterone supplements offer promising prospects for individuals aiming to enhance their fitness performance naturally. From supporting muscle growth and recovery to potentially boosting endurance, these supplements continue to garner attention in the fitness world.

As with any supplement, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional or a certified fitness expert before starting a new regimen. They can provide personalized guidance based on individual health conditions, ensuring a safe and tailored approach to supplementation.


6 reviews for Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg

  1. Vasundhara Ratnam (Amazon Customer)

    I’m absolutely amazed at the lightning-fast effectiveness of this supplement! After trying various others with lackluster results, this testosterone supplement took me by surprise with its near-instant impact. Just one week into using it, and I can already feel a significant improvement in my energy levels. Not only do I feel stronger, but there’s also a noticeable improvement in blood flow, leading to better and harder performance. It’s an incredible product at a reasonable price, and I’m genuinely impressed with the results

    Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg
    Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg
  2. Arya (Amazon Customer)

    Taking 1 capsule per day with breakfast, feeling good and energetic, help me in doing my weight training and it let me keep my energy level whole day, do not feel any kind of laziness

  3. Pertistha (Amazon Customer)

    As I near the end of my first bottle, I am absolutely thrilled with the remarkable difference I am seeing. My muscle gains and definition are beyond my expectations so I’m excited for the beach days ahead. Not only is this product easy to swallow, it also has no side effects, making the journey to my fitness goals smooth and enjoyable. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their figure and self-esteem.

  4. Shivam Choudhary (Amazon Customer)

    This product has helped me deal with stress and fatigue. During my heavy weight training it has been quiet useful and effective.
    Highly recommendable to sportsmen.

  5. Noman Farooqui (Amazon Customer)

    Best Turkesterone

    This product is so amazing and very effective. It helped me in improving performance, muscle strength and endurance.

    It is also beneficial for the recovery.

    I am completely impressed by its results in so less time, even people around me can notice them.

    Definitely I’m going to purchase it again.

    Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg
    Turkesterone Supplement | 7in1 -11600mg
  6. Vikash (Amazon Customer)

    Kudos, Being overweight and on a path to fitness, I sought this product to enhance my stamina and muscle development. It’s been a great addition to my workout regimen. I haven’t faced any absorption problems, and it’s given me an energy lift. As age catches up, shedding weight becomes tougher, so I was in need of a boost. I’m glad I chose this to support my health and fitness journey.

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