Triple Action Ginseng | 3 in 1 | 1700mg eqv. | 90 Capsules


Triple Action Ginseng | 3 in 1 | 1700mg eqv. | 90 Capsules

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About this item

  • 3-in-1 Ginseng Blend: Red Korean, Siberian, American Ginseng.
  • Triple-Strength Boost: Enhanced energy, immunity, and activity.
  • Stress & Fatigue Relief: Reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • Versatile Benefits: Improved focus, immunity, sleep, and vision.
  • Enhanced Efficacy: Achieve benefits with just 1 daily capsule.
  • Suitable for All: For both men and women.
  • Safe & Natural: Free from additives, sugar, and gluten.
  • Non-GMO: Natural product, no artificial flavors.
  • Recommended Duration: Suggested use for at least 3 months.
3 in 1 Formula Tripple Action Ginseng


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Product Description:

Humming Herbs Triple Action Ginseng 600mg | 3 Months Supply | Red Korean, Siberian, and American Ginseng Root Extract | Boost Energy and Immune Support – 90 Capsules

Triple Action Ginseng brings to you the root of life with the strength and power of 3 ginseng – Siberian, American, and Red Korean Ginseng Extract with its standardized active ingredients. The Root of Life Triple Action Ginseng offers improved energy levels, focus, and immunity and reduces stress and anxiety. This brand also helps in reducing oxidative stress and damage, and thus improves muscle strength and power.

Triple Action Ginseng is the ultimate source of vitality, harnessing the power of three ginseng varieties: Siberian, American, and Red Korean Ginseng Extracts, each with standardized active ingredients. This triple-strength dietary supplement is your key to elevated energy levels, improved focus, enhanced immunity, and reduced stress and anxiety. Our high-potency formulation offers a multitude of benefits, including heightened multitasking abilities, increased energy, sharper focus, improved concentration, better sleep quality, enhanced vision, and support for joint health. Simultaneously, it effectively combats chronic fatigue, daytime fatigue, stress, anxiety, and overall tiredness. Experience better efficacy with a lower dose – simply take one capsule daily with breakfast or a meal, and feel the difference. Our veg capsules are suitable for both men and women, providing a convenient way to incorporate the benefits of ginseng into your daily routine. Rest assured, Humming Herbs Triple Action Ginseng is completely safe and natural, with no side effects or addictive properties. For the best results, it is recommended to use this product consistently for at least three months. Our commitment to purity means that our product is free from additives, sugar, gluten, and artificial flavors. It is also Non-GMO, delivering a truly natural solution. Discover the root of life and experience the strength and power of three ginseng varieties in one comprehensive supplement. Humming Herbs Triple Action Ginseng not only boosts energy and immunity but also reduces oxidative stress, improves muscle strength, and enhances overall well-being.

Item Form Capsule
Brand Humming Herbs
Age Range (Description) Adult
Diet Type Vegetarian
Material Feature Vegetarian

Taking Humming Herbs Triple Action Ginseng regularly may result in a significant reduction in daytime fatigue, and work-related burnout and improve the social and quality of life.

This Supplement has multiple benefits like improving vision, slowing aging, increasing energy, improving concentration, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving sleep


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